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erf The Error Function erfc The Complementary Error Function and its Iterated Integrals erfi The Imaginary Error Function Calling Sequence Parameters.

Returns the error function of complex argument. It is defined as. The cumulative of the unit normal distribution is given by Phi(z) = 1/2[1 + erf(z/sqrt(2))].

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This is the first installment in a series of posts delving into the results of FIRE.

attempting to plot the asymptotic expansion of the complementary error function. but the series is always. Series expansion error in a hypergeometric function.

erf(z) is the "error function" encountered in integrating the. the complementary error function, Theorems on Approximate Integration and Summation of Series."

On the Calculation of the Inverse of the Error. Formulas for the direct computation of the inverse error function. has developed a series expansion.

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Gaussian, Error and Complementary Error function. which, combined with the series expansion of the error function listed above,

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Power Series Expansion of the Error Function. To get this to look exactly like a power series we would distribute the factor of √2

ERFC Complementary Error Function. {∞}.The function Complementary Error. Related function: Error Function ERFC.2 Series and asymptotic expansions

Useful asymptotic series: erf and log gamma – John D. Cook – Sep 7, 2010. This post will present a couple asymptotic series, explain how to use them, and point to some applications. The most common special function.

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Introduction to the probability integrals and inverses: Plotting : Evaluation: Gamma, Beta, Erf

Definitions of ERROR FUNCTION, synonyms, Taylor series. The error function is an entire function;. The error and complementary error functions occur,

Error function, complementary error function, We derive a series of values for a by trial-and-error. These values are given in Table 1,

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The complementary error function equals one minus the error function. Superposition of the Error and complementary Error Functions. Power Series for Small x.

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