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Hey GB'ers, My 360 gets moody from time to time and won't recognize discs. It doesn't give the disc read error 360s usually give, and in the dashboard it says " Open Tray. Not sure but i have a 1 year Old Elite that will do this once a month or. needed cleaning, only to see a little PS3 logo on the disc when i took it out.

How to Fix a PS3 That Is Not Reading Game Disks. your PS3 should now read discs. Tip. How to Fix a Disc Motor on a PS3 Slim.

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Ps3 disk read error FIXED AMAZING 100% July 2013 – YouTube – How To Fix PS3 Super Slim Not Reading Discs And Other Issues – Duration: 8:09. Ps3 Disc Not Loading- Explaining Problem/Solution – Duration: 4:46.

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I'm unable to load new RockSmith 2014 as console says disc is unreadable. The new thinline read the discs fine. At least if it ever does install, you won't have to worry about reading it all the time. or at least not much of it. loading the game in my console and i kept getting a "disc is unreadable" error.

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This disc read error message is tied to a change in the disc reading algorithms in a recent software update and is not specific to older or newer. was stopping some consoles from reading game discs in their new, higher-capacity format.

PS3 says "This Disc is Invalid 80029906" Blu-ray Players and. Now it won't even recognize the disc or when it does, it gives me an invalid disc error message!. When I restarted the PS3 it wouldn't read any discs (but everything else was. After poking around online I see it's not an uncommon problem.

A thing that works for me is putting the disc in the ps3 and then wait for like 15-20 mins without taking the disc out. PS3 not reading discs. Options. Mark.

PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY WORKS FOR CERTAIN PEOPL •Step #1 Insert the disc you want to play. •Step #2 When you hear the weired noise the ps3 is making use.

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It wouldnt read discs so i ordered a new Disc reader, Changed the part and a week into playing on it it will not read discs again. the Reader and everything worked for a week or so it doesn't spin, read, or give an error code.

SOLVED: Why won't my PS3 read discs? – PlayStation 3 – Why won't my PS3 read discs?. My son's PS3 had the same problem with reading disc's. I've got the system apart and its spinning the discs but not reading them.

How do you fix a scratched game disc? You take the game disc out to play it and there is a giant scratch going through the “read” side of the disc. You put the.

Both discs at 4% progress in the game gave an error occurs, "disc read error. quit game.". Is this a bug? I deleted any saved games and reset my system, but this did not work, game still fails at same start point. PS3 Bat Man.

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If your PS3 is not reading disks, there may be a solution. the OP you can also get some handy troubleshooting tips for disc reading issues in. reads discs now.

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